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I am in the program and Resqdebt has settled two of my accounts for about 25 cents on the dollar.And I'm protected because their legal department looked over the settlement offers so the accounts can't be resold.

They are not going to hold your hand and pay your creditors for you.

You have to make yourself accountable and save towards a settlement.Most people who are in debt look for other people to blame besides themselves. Take ownership of your situation and know the terms before you agree to something. You can't go to a debt settlement company and enroll a creditor who has issued a summons or a judgement and expect them to bail you out once you're in that deep. GOOD GRIEF!!

Get a clue people.

Review about: Debt Settlement.



Over 8 months ago I was not in that deep. I hired Resqdebt before I got in that deep. I have a clue and now feel like I'm being messed with and they are just earning interest and getting rich off of my monthly payments and many others!

Are you an employee for them that writes this stuff to make them look good?


I too have been paying Resqdebt.I did put money away and have been responsible and all they have told me is to wait it out until they get the best deal for me.

NOW I have a summons from one of my creditors. What next? They take my house! It's been a year for Pete's sake.

Settle something after you took 6 months worth of payments...I'm still getting harrassing phone calls, late payments and increased interest charges.

I'm firing them and claiming chapter 7!At least attorneys know what they are doing.


Is Resqdebt reputable and do they really save a substantial amount when settling accounts? I am with them now and have put money in escrow each month as they told me too but find that after 8 months, the credit collecters are still harassing me.

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